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GR-8200MA Multiband Airborne Radio

Key benefits

  • Powerful hardware SDR platform
  • Mobile Ad-Hoc Networking (MANET)
  • Multi-channel and Multiband radio supporting simultaneous and independent multiple frequency bands
  • Multi-waveform platform supporting advanced narrowband and wideband waveforms
  • Compatible with Glocom multiband radios
  • Automatic consolidation of information for a common operation picture (COP) between various members such as airborne and ground
  • Efficient bandwidth for optimal transfer of simultaneous voice, RT video and high data rate
  • Equipped with a powerful mission computer system for mission airborne radio computer capabilities: A/B intuitive, accessible, effective, mission-focused applications such as situational awareness, collision warning, weapon target allocation and target sharing

Glocom Multiband Airborne Radio is a powerful multichannel SDR specifically designed for operation and installation aboard airborne platforms, including helicopters, transport aircraft and fighter jets. Part of Glocom Tactical Radio solutions, the latest generation of multi-band, multi-waveform tactical IP radios, the networked communication airborne radio provides the highly advanced and robust platform capabilities. Glocom Airborne Radio allows simultaneous transmission of wideband and narrowband waveforms with full MANET capabilities and provides support for legacy waveforms.

Enabling proven, fully secure communication across the entire battle space, GR-8200MA delivers the optimal transfer of simultaneous voice, video and high data rate capabilities required for mission success. Together with the on-board mission computer (all-in-one), the unique combination of high-end airborne radio and a set of mission-focused applications creates an advanced, Gen-5 airborne network.

These network capabilities empower new and existing tools and applications, maximizing their potential, offering significant operational benefits and a huge operational leap forward.

Technical specifications

Radio ArchitectureSDR - with red/black separation
Frequency BandVHF/UHF 30MHz~512MHz
L-Band 960MHz~1850MHz
Channel Bandwidth25kHz, 1.2MHz, 5MHz
RF Channels2 independent Rx/Tx channels simultaneously (V/U, L-band channel)
Power OutputUp to 50W for V/U, Up to 25W for L-Band
GPSBuilt-in Internal GPS
WaveformsLegacy WF: NB Clear (CLR) mode for analog voice (FM or AM) NB WF: Narrowband voice and MANET IP data simultaneously MANET WB-WF: Wideband waveform (voice, data and video)
DataIP Layer 2/Layer 3 support
Control I/FSNMP control
Modulation25kHz: FM, AM, FSK
NetworkingIP data network (MANET) No single point of failure Decentralized net management with relay
Number of network membersNB: Up to 32 members, optional configuration for a greater number of users
WB: Up to 64 members in a WB net (voice and data)
Adaptive ModeAdaptive rate, modulation and power
Antenna diversityAutomatic
SecuritySEC mode and anti-jamming immunity built-in encryption - Legacy and AES 256
VoiceSupport for voice groups both analog and digital voice
VideoSupport for video transfer (multi-hop), built-in Video codec
Size1/2 ATR short (ARINC 600 4 MCU)
InterfaceMIL-STD-1553B / ARINC 429 (Optional)/Ethernet 10/100Mbps/RS232, RS422, USB/Analog video/Analog audio/GPS


Multiband Airborne Radio

The Glocom GR-8200MA multiband airborne radio set includes the following items:

  • GR-8200MAMultiband Airborne Radio
  • A8200MA-RC01Remote Control Unit
  • A8200MA-KD01Keypad Display Unit
  • A8200MA-AA01Airborne Antenna (30-512MHz)
  • A8200MA-AA02L-Band Antenna(960-1240MHz)
  • A8200MA-GA01GPS Airborne Antenna
  • A8200MA-FH01Flying Helmet
  • A8200MA-DC01Data Cable
  • A8200MPC01Power Cable
  • A8200MA-UM01User Manual


  • A8200MA-OH10Officer Handset
  • A8200MA-MA01Mobile Antenna (VHF/UHF)
  • A8200MA-MA02Mobile Antenna (L-Band)
  • GA-50AMobile GPS Antenna
  • A8200MA-DC28AC220V-DC28V PSU
  • A8200MA-IK01Installation Kit
  • WindowsRugged PC 10~15”
  • AndroidRugged Tablet 5.5”
GR-8200MA accessories
GR-8200MA Battlefield Communications Architecture